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Our Advantages

Why Should You Choose Us Over Your Bank's Brokerage or an Independent Portfolio Management Firm?

In Canada, you have hundreds of choices for help with wealth management needs. We believe we have built a practice with a unique competitive advantage.

The following points are a sample of the characteristics of our practice at Manulife Securities and Upper Canada Capital that we believe help us to stand out from the crowd of Canadian wealth management providers.

  • We value education, credentials and work experience and reward employees who advance themselves.
  • Our unique, broad team credentials allow us to manage your overall financial plan, not just some aspects of it, leading to better advice, time savings and cost savings.
  • We are entrepreneurs and business owners, not 9-to-5 employees, and care passionately about your well-being.
  • Our dealer's parent company, Manulife Financial, is one of the world's leading financial institutions and one of the largest and strongest financial firms in Canada.
  • Our access to stock and bond research is among the best in Canada - able to draw on research both internally and from around the world - including access to research from Canada's banking analysts.

  • We have no sales quotas or sales territories for our financial advisors.
  • We have no internal expectations of selling certain products over others - we can offer products from dozens of institutions including all five of the Canadian banks.
  • We have tremendous fee flexibility and our fee rates are among the most competitive prices in Canada.
  • We have powerful breadth of product choice - for example, we can offer GICs from 14 banks and trust companies, often getting you better rates from your own bank than you can.
  • We can offer you five fee styles rather than the one option many institutions can offer.
  • We have the ability to provide clear rate of return statistics on our investment statements.

Contact us for a more detailed discussion of how we add value beyond your current financial services provider - and at a possibly lower annual cost

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