How We Help Business Owners

We understand that as a business owner you care deeply about what you have created, and you want your business to grow and prosper with minimal taxes and fees over a lifetime.

We will be pleased to serve as a financial guide to you and your business and we can offer the following services to help you both to achieve your financial goals. 

Business Buying or Selling

We bring twenty-five years of advanced experience working with entrepreneurs and professionals who build and transition business assets over time.

We can facilitate the buying and selling of businesses through the private equity marketplace to maximize sale value.

We take the lead in coordinating lawyers, accountants, valuators, insurance agents and all professionals you hire.

Corporate Investment Management

We recognize that managing money inside operating businesses, holding companies and international ventures requires unique skills and resources.

Through our investment dealer, Manulife Securities Incorporated, we offer state of the art brokerage that includes discretionary and non-discretionary investment management, multi-currency, tax smart fees, specialized tax reporting, a personal relationship and access to securities and rates from around the world.

Business Estate Planning

Death and disability can destroy family legacies and trigger excess taxation that shatters goals.

Our professional estate planners will lead the design of all your estate plans and key documents to ensure your family and business parties are prepared for all possibilities. And then after death, we will work closely with your heirs and the professional advisory team to ensure a smooth transition.

Health Insurance and Pensions for Your Employees

Compensation perks such as health insurance plans, pensions and RRSPs, company stock options and more can help you retain good employees.

As long-standing providers of health insurance plans and group savings platforms, we can help you design cost effective, tax smart, attractive benefit programs and manage them for you over time.

Executive Compensation

Top talent in your business requires extra perks and treats to encourage them to stay with you.

We can help you explore, design and implement top up pension plans, advanced healthcare coverage, company stock ownership and more.