Insurance Coverage

Help protect your financial security, provide for your loved ones, and save money on routine, and emergency health expenses.

Health & Dental Insurance

Having the right coverage is crucial, and we’re making it simple with plans that are easy to understand and buy. Save on costs not covered by your current plans and help protect yourself and loved ones.

Flexcare® with Vitality

Flexcare plans are specifically designed to offer flexibility and choice. A wide selection of Core plans provide coverage for varying levels of drug and dental benefits, along with vision care, extended health care, travel insurance and more.

FollowMe™ Health with Vitality

FollowMeTM Health is specially designed to offer health and dental coverage when group health benefits come to an end. If your client applies within 90 days of their group health benefit end date, no medical questionnaire is required.

Are you a business owner?

Health benefits for you, your family – and your employees

Not only can you take care of your family with health benefits, you can also provide health coverage as an incentive for your employees. Getting Health & Dental Insurance through your broker offers you a variety of options to purchase health and dental coverage for everyone you want to protect.

TIP!  Your premiums may be tax deductible

If you are self-employed or own a small business, a portion of your premiums may be deductible as an expense for your business and may also be a non-taxable benefit to your employees (except in Quebec). Please consult your financial advisor or the Canada Revenue Agency for details.