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How We Help Individuals and Families

We believe in integrated goal-based financial planning that evolves as the client goes through various stages in his or her life.

We offer expert guidance on all financial needs that you have right now or that you might face in the future. From the list of services below, we believe that we are well positioned to be your comprehensive financial advisor for life.

Age 25 Services

  • Goal planning
  • Cash flow budgeting
  • New career planning
  • Tax return preparation training
  • Disability Insurance
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate document preparation
  • Student debt elimination
  • Vehicle purchase strategy
  • Starting an RRSP and investment planning

Age 30 Services

  • Goal planning, costing and prioritization
  • Cash flow budgeting
  • Marriage financial planning
  • New family and couple income tax planning
  • New baby financial guidance (Wills, RESP, life insurance)
  • Guidance on car leases and loans
  • New home and mortgage planning
  • Maternity leave cash flow management
  • Employer pension plan investing

Age 35 Services

  • Mortgage renewal strategy
  • RRSP and employer RRSP investment planning
  • Save vs spend vs pay down debt analytics
  • Paying for home repairs and new cars
  • Upgraded life, disability, illness and travel insurance analysis
  • Cash flow budgeting
  • Executive compensation planning

Age 40 Services

  • Powers of attorney guidance for elderly parents
  • Detailed cash flow forecasts for retirement plan guidance
  • Post secondary education planning for kids
  • Career change counselling
  • Advanced investment strategy for RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, real estate, corporate savings
  • Advanced planning through use of family trusts and corporations
  • Sophisticated tax planning
  • Upsizing real estate strategy

Age 45 Services

  • Executive compensation design and tax minimization
  • Money skills training for your teenagers
  • Guidance on purchase of a second property
  • Healthcare planning for elderly parents
  • High net worth investment portfolio design and management
  • Oversee tax return preparation
  • Comprehensive advice on starting your own business
  • Annual targets and benchmarking for retirement savings

Age 50 Services

  • Final savings targets and home stretch retirement planning
  • RESP withdrawal tax planning and children's post-secondary education cost planning
  • Money skills planning for your young adults
  • Couples empty nest financial planning
  • Severance counselling services after job loss
  • Death of a parent estate management
  • Out of country vacation healthcare guidance
  • Tax smart investment portfolio design as your wealth grows
  • Full divorce planning services
  • Guidance on eliminating debt

Age 60 Services

  • Comprehensive retirement income and investment portfolio design
  • Retirement transition coaching
  • Cash flow budgeting
  • Wind down of life insurance and other insurance policies
  • Real estate downsizing discussions
  • Annual detailed retirement income tax minimization
  • Children's wedding cost planning and assistance with new home deposits
  • Re-design of Wills and estate plan to reflect changing goals and family
  • Second marriage essential financial planning
  • New, advanced estate plans with new Wills

Age 75 Services

  • Financial coaching after death of first spouse
  • Guidance on downsizing of real estate
  • Updating estate documentation
  • Inter-generational estate planning
  • Cash flow standardization
  • Investment portfolio simplification
  • Healthcare and old age tax planning
  • Assisted living home pricing and payment
  • Overseeing preparation of tax returns annually
  • Sophisticated estate and probate planning techniques

Age 90 Services

  • Assisting family to manage a deceased parent's estate
  • Guidance on liquidation of assets
  • Investment portfolio transition
  • Collection of life insurance proceeds to pay estate income tax
  • Objective, independent expert to a family that does not get along
  • Counselling to heirs on inheritance planning
  • Creating a new financial plan with the children and heirs

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